Daily Roller ®・ No. 15 Craft Cannabis Pack ・CBD Pre-rolls Joints ・.5g x 6

Daily Roller

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High quality cannabidiol  , grown with love and care from Midwestern soil in Illinois. The No. 15 is Daily Roller‘s premier terpene profile inspired cannabis pre-roll product featuring the highest quality strains sourced directly from the farmers that grow, six conveniently pre-package .5 grams cbd joints.

Inhale the balance effect from Daily Roller sourced legal craft cannabis. Enjoy smooth craft cbd cannabis


A Fully Connected Brand Experience

Daily Roller was founded in 2014 to be the dynamic lifestyle alternative to stonerism/stoner culture. Be present. A professional. Actively pursue your life ambitions. No excuses for not executing for you. Achieve The Pursuit

CBD Pre-rolls from Daily Roller: Six 0.5 grams hemp flower joints conveniently pre-packaged with a child protective feature integrated into packaging.

We were inspired to develop and offer this product because we want to provide cannabis consumers with a premium cannabis experience. Our research revealed that many people feel pre-rolls products are attractive for their convenience but often underdeliver on experience because it is common practice for many brands to put their low quality buds, or shake-seeds-and stems into their pre-rolls. For Daily Roller pre-rolls we only accept the highest quality cannabis in our products. This is why we believe in working directly with farmers to ensure quality.

Ideal for occasional smokers, daily smokers, marijuana lovers, cannabis consuming professionals, and social smokers. The branding of these Daily Roller pre-rolls features a symbolic sailboat as homage to the historical relevance of hemp as an industrial textile, and also a metaphor for what we believe a pleasurable smoking cannabis experience should be like (as smooth as a boat on the waves).

Try our No.15’s if you are looking for a balance to high THC marijuana strains, experience social anxieties, or are just looking for an aromatic leisure activity.

Once you are done with your No.15’s pre-rolls from Daily Roller you can either recycle the box, or collect it and use it to stow and transport other pre-rolls.

The No. 15s by Daily Roller features a terpene focus, sourced, high quality strain of hemp. Hemp flower has grown in popularity over the past decade because of its use in cbd oil, even more recently smokable hemp flower has become an increasing interest of cannabidiol consumers.

Daily Roller is a lifestyle established in 2014, as the alternative choice to stoner culture. Enjoy CBD Pre-rolls from Daily Roller by purchasing here. Thank you for Rolling!