Posted by Blake A-L Boyd on 26th Mar 2022

an experience beyond most normal

Outcome oriented purchasing in legal markets is an experience that allows the customer to purchase cannabis derived, or inclusive, product(s) based on specific desired effects provided by consuming cannabis. When it comes to medical cannabis purchases usecase involving prevention of health effects relating to glacoma, seizures, bodily inflammation, nausea, attention deficit disorder, and more, are leading purchasing motivators and easily measurable. Recent research like that by Donnan et al. 2022 conclude there is still a wide gap of knowledge in understanding what drives recreational adult use aside from pricing and perceived quality.  (side note what is quality cannabis anyway?)

This post is inspired by our own experiences purchasing cannabis throughout the years, cannabis marketing research, and the fact that desired outcomes from consumption  may be at the root of why cannabis consumers are considered "stoners". Please check the hyperlinks for further reading and references to this post.

Referring to effects of cannabis consumption as being stoned (dazed, confused, hammered, out of it) is a seeming cultural-political stereotype rather than an accurate organic description of the sort of outcome all cannabis consumers experience. A clear indication of this can be the inconsistency in how individuals describe their experience while, or after consuming cannabis. There seems to be no universal consistent "stoned" experience amongst all persons that have ever consumed cannabis. Besides a sense of trust and safety, legal cannabis retail experiences allow consumers to go beyond generalizations and become particularly informed about their haul.

Legal cannabis markets create greater transparency and trust versus illegal markets. Customers have the opportunity to be sophisticated consumers, and also develop a consistent group understanding that helps promote safe responsible consumption. There is more to the cannabis plant than pop culture stereotypes. With a little more knowledge on what science has found out about the properties making up the cannabis plant, and its impact on bodily function an honest industry can emerge that empowers customers to purchase for well-being related purposes like feeling upbeat, well, relaxed, present, focused, energized, or even at peace.

get what you want, not whatever you get

cannabis sativa, cannabis Indica, cannabis ruderalis

Cannabis sativa, cannabis indica, cannabis ruderalis may be familiar to nearly every cannabis consumer, but how about terpenes? 

Terpenes are the spoils of the highlife! Flavors, scents, even physiological states are nature's product found in the genetic make up of flowers and fruits. increasing knowledge of terpenes in cannabis culture is redefining the market on a constant basis.

Prior to spread understanding of terpenes, on an elementary level indica strains were generalized as physically relaxing("stoned"), and sativa more mentally uplifting("rolling"). Once you experience an education oriented retail experience like I've been fortunate to have at dispensaries Dispensary 33(Chicago), Hope's Organics(Bloomington, IN & Bedford, IN), Native Roots(Denver, CO), Zen Leaf(Buchanan, MI), and Hobo(Kelowna, BC, CA) to name a few, you may find yourself reevaluating your opinion on what makes cannabis effective in your lifestyle. 

Research into cannabis is ongoing, there are some fact that are known. Beta-myrcene is a terpene found in many plants including cannabis, hops, and lemongrass. It is said to be responsible for cannabis sweet, spicy, and earthy-musk. In addition to its aromatic and flavor, beta-myrcene is known to help increase cannabinoids flow into the brain. Are you familiar with CB1 and CB2 receptors? 

Found in the central nervous(brain), and peripheral(heart, lungs, etc) nervous systems, CB1&2 receptors are responsive to the terpenes found in cannabis such as the myrcene, trans-caryophyllene, alpha-pinene, alpha-humulene found in  Daily Roller's terpene inspired pre-rolls. Because of these terpenes cannabis is known to have definite medicinal benefits reducing inflammation in the body, and also helping remediate mental health complications like ADHD & depression. While THC has been shown to shrink cancer cells in mice and be effective in helping humans with cancer related ailments, cannabis is still classified as a schedule one narcotic according to the DEA meaning there is "no currently accepted medical use in treatment in the United States, and a lack of accepted safety for use under medical supervision"(dea.gov).

yes freedom of choice, safer consumption

Thankfully many states, and countries, have pushed forward reversing decades of cannabis prohibition with legal cannabis laws and programs that run counter to the federal government. The USA Farm Act of 2018 also shows glimpse of a potential federal reversal considering a path has been established for the legal production, distribution, and consumption of what is legally defined as hemp cannabis. Such movement to  Free Cannabis are welcome so that cannabis consumers all across the United States can have the freedom of choice for safer consumption that takes into account the exact well-being benefits desired, aside from feeling an influence to identify with pop culture generalizations.

legal cannabis markets promise customers opportunity for objective oriented purchasing. when it is clearly understood that science has found over 80 compounds in cannabis, and many of those compounds have benefits to the body's function that can improve health and relationships. Visiting your local dispensary and asking for a strain that keeps you mentally stimulated, physically relaxed, while highly productive professionally should be a norm, just like ordering your favorite coffee shop potion. Unfortunately today this is a privilege for the few Americans living in states like Illinois, Arizona, Colorado, and California. We are optimistic public reason seems to be trending in the right directions, and more interests are aligning with the cannabis problem.

How do you shop for cannabis? Are there specific psychological or physical states you vocally seek to resolve when purchasing cannabis? What words come to mind when you think about your favorite effects of consuming cannabis?