Still Got Something To Say, Daily Roller!

Still Got Something To Say, Daily Roller!

8th Jan 2022

It has been a long time coming! A lot of concepting, time, energy, and revisions, to arrive at Daily Roller’s most recent collection of high quality original manufactured and designed hats!

What’s Special?

Each hat in the Daily Roller® Purple Crown Collection features a violet crown tape that is meant to symbolize wisdom, connecting with the universe and one’s higher self -inspired by the crown chakra. The designer of the collection, Blake A-L Boyd, felt the crown tape in the caps represented a fine moment to remind people that we are greater than our challenges -we come from kings and queens(in their own right)!

This collection is also Daily Roller’s first to feature the company’s positioning statement Not A Stoner™. It is a statement the company is proud of, simple and direct. “If you stripped Daily Roller down to its bare-bones, it really is about changing the narrative around cannabis consumption by reminding society that every person that consumes cannabis, or is pro-choice, is not a stoner-lazy-incapable of highly productive achievements,” said Blake.

Isn’t Every Cannabis Consumer A Stoner Though

Not A Stoner™ may seem like a sensible, if not obvious, subculture within the overall cannabis friendly public. Between various person to person conversations, clubhouse, and according to a reddit surveys we conducted -cannabis consumers that identify as Not A Stoner and consume cannabis on a daily to regular basis are minority at best when compared to the mass popular culture archetypes pothead & stoner. This is usually because current cannabis prohibition has led to varied experiences and identity development for individuals, aided too by culture and geography. In its infancy, the Not A Stoner positioning statement has already shown to be thoughtfully polarizing.

But What If Stoners Don’t Buy Daily Roller?

That is ok with the team behind Daily Roller because we believe it is necessary to create a clear stance within the market so that consumers and distributors know what we stand for. “We are ok with losing out on business with those that heavily identify with the stoner identity, we are confident that the lifestyle/goods/experiences we are cultivating at Daily Roller reflect the needs of our target customer.”

With that said the company would like for others to know that there are not any extreme hard feelings towards stoners, potheads, and the like. It is time for an open and polished identity within the cannabis industry. An identity not ignorant of the past from which this industry has grown, involved in the present culture of the day, and focused on overcoming the inevitable obstacles that await in the future.

As part of its mission to change the narrative around cannabis consumption the company is focusing on the release of lifestyle goods that reflect an elevated thoughtful sense of design. Via the company's Free Cannabis platform, Daily plans to align itself with social causes that are working towards the same goal as Daily Roller.

Tell us, how does Not A Stoner make you feel?