#ThenAndNow Daily Roller® From 2014 to 2021 Weigh Up

#ThenAndNow Daily Roller® From 2014 to 2021 Weigh Up

8th Jan 2022

Six years later and we are proud to say that Daily Roller is still a brand company connecting people, places, and ideas. We aren’t positioning ourselves as a lifestyle magazine anymore, yet a leading voice in the cannabis industry for consumers that are not stoners.

The Start of Something New

What has changed isn’t our purpose, but how we have gone about articulating our purpose over the years. Blake A-L Boyd founded Daily Roller during his first year as a student at Indiana University- Bloomington. During the year 2014 cannabis legislation was a buzz because Colorado was becoming the second state to legalize recreational marijuana use. As Blake recalls it, “I was watching Fox News and the host was doing a segment on cannabis tourism in Colorado, and I couldn’t help but read into the agenda-setting that cannabis consumers were just a bunch of incapable stoners.”

At that time, Blake could not find many brands or voices in the industry shining light on the fact that cannabis consumers were much more diverse and dynamic than the stoner identity the mainstream popularized. So, he decided to start DailyRoller.com on January 27, 2014. His goal was to establish a platform that highlighted the many interests and activities of individuals that were cannabis friendly, or cannabis consumers. Art, Fashion, and Comedy could be the unifying subjects that would appeal to a broad and diverse demographic, he believed. With this in mind he began to establish connections through his network, and internet, by sharing the project he was working on.

Location Based Brand Building Obstacle

There was one big problem, Blake was a resident of Indiana where there was no sort of legal cannabis market. Daily Roller inspired him to pivot his major in college from Biology & Pre-law to Liberal Studies with a minor in Marketing. He thought by accessing the proper courses at Indiana University- Bloomington he could ultimately develop the business simultaneously. However many of his professors in branding and advertising were not enthusiastic or open-minded to advising him on how to build a “cannabis brand”. This did not deter him. Blake recalls having the challenge of clarifying the proper message and tone that would consistently communicate the brand’s value and purpose to his target audience, which included many of the attendees of Indiana University- Bloomington.

A New Horizon

In 2018, Blake graduated from Indiana University- Bloomington with job offers in Chicago, IL. Up to that point Daily Roller was generating momentum in Indiana due to its apparel line that featured popular hats, relevant graphic t-shirts, and unique one of one hockey jerseys. Daily Roller gained features in many fashion outlets from Pattern Magazine, to the runway of Midwest Leak, and Midwest Fashion Week. Blake also had begun work collaborating with an Indianapolis based videographer to producer media highlighting entrepreneurs, movers, and brands that were doing impressive things in Indiana. You can still find this media on Daily Roller’s YouTube page.

While the customer base built during these initial years, through the marketing and distribution of apparel, was much appreciated it was creating headwind problems. People believed Daily Roller to only be a hat company, or an apparel company, which made it difficult to connect to its purpose as a dynamic lifestyle alternative to stoner culture.


A mentor once told Blake, “To find new opportunities in the market look at the legislation being passed.”

The Daily Roller brand gained a new life through the relocation from Indiana to Illinois. With more friendly cannabis laws, the brand could begin getting involved in the cannabis industry in a way that was not possible before. The 2018 Farm Act also provided new opportunities. For one legal cannabis has very expensive barriers of entry, often costing millions of dollars in order to get licensing in cultivation, distribution, or retailing. Through the federal government reclassifying hemp as an industrial commodity new and less expensive opportunities in the cannabis industry grew.

As a lifestyle brand company, Daily Roller’s goal has always been to provide a broad and quality offering of goods that can meet the needs of its customers. Product offering also gives the brand a voice in a manner that words cannot.

“To find new opportunities in the market look at the legislation being passed.”

In 2019 Blake began to look at the growing CBD market as a good entry point to offering cannabis derived products. Like the apparel and media produced he knew that close relationships, a focus on quality production, and high standards would be the key. By what seemed to be divine fortune Blake was able to establish a close relationship with a licensed hemp cultivator in Illinois -Track Farms.

Daily Roller began work on its premiere cannabis product the No. 15s. CBD pre-rolled joints that feature a high CBD boax strain. The pre-rolls have no seeds or stem in them. The No. 15s are developed with the knowledge that most pre-rolls are made from low quality cannabis and with all parts of the plant included. We only include the good parts, and our cannabis is grown on the farm we work with. Our goal is to provide a high quality smooth experience with each pre-roll.

CBD Pre-rolls Joints ・ Daily Roller ・ No. 15 Craft Cannabis

High quality cannabidiol , grown with love and care from Midwestern soil in Illinois. The No. 15 is Daily Roller‘s premier cannabis pre-roll product featuring a high quality boax strain, six conveniently pre-package cbd joints.

Relax from the ever crashing waves of life. Enjoy smooth craft cbd cannabis. No seeds. No stems. Just smooth flavor to the tips! Lab tested.

Daily Roller was founded in 2014 to be the alternative to stonerism/stoner culture. Be present. A professional. Actively pursue your life ambitions. No excuses for not executing for you.

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$39.99 Exc. S&T


With the No. 15s Daily Roller has also developed a new brand identity that looks like a sail boat riding the waves in the wind. This iconography plays on the historical nautical use of hemp, and its industrial roots. It is also a move to appeal to the sort of lifestyle we aspire our customers to feel a part of. Namely, high quality, dependable, and smooth sailing.

As of 2021 Blake has established two trademarks for the Daily Roller brand. One in the international class 034 and 003.

Looking Ahead

In the coming years the goal is to scale Daily Roller to a multi-state operation through key partnerships, and an extended product line. By the end of 2021 we will be adding a new personal care product to our SKUS, and ramping up our “Not A Stoner” campaign which will bring light to the multi-faceted highly productive nature of many cannabis consumers in the US. Back by popular demand, our customers can expect to see new apparel brought to market.

Our end-game, to live up to Daily Roller’s founding purpose -connect people, places, and ideas to the fact that not every cannabis consumer is a stoner. And if you are not a stoner, please know that we welcome you amongst our community members.