Not A Stoner



Changing The Cannabis Consumption Narrative


No Matter Where You Are, Or Where You Are From, it is how you roll that determines your place. Everyone has  their reasons for consuming cannabis, or for being pro- cannabis legalization. From knowing family members(or pets) who have benefited from the therapeutic properties of the plant, to having personal experiences that add to the spoils of life -cannabis consumers are refelctive of the diverse ethnicites & cultures as are in the world. This is why we believe there needs to be more representation in the cannabis market for consumers who do not comfortably identify as a stoner or pothead.


There is Daily Roller, the cannabis inspired lifestyle company that began in 2014 at Indiana University - Bloomington by then student Blake A-L Boyd. He purchased in January of 2014, seeing the need for change in perception towards consumption of cannabis by the decision of Colorado to allow recreational consumption within the state. Media coverage of this cultural shifting moment showed Blake just how much perception of the activity of consuming cannabis would need to change from that of a lazy, unambitious however many-years old person, to that of an activity engaged by a culturally sophistaced, accomplished, ever ambitious person -like so many of us are.


Not A Stoner is a brand position manifestation of what Daily Roller stands for. Achieving the pursuit, allowing cannabis to play an additive role in experiencing life's highs & lows. Daily Roller is about rolling through the challenges and being the best possible individual we all can be for our families and communities. Our company's values are Liberty, Independence, and Progress.


By purchasing from you are validating that not all cannabis consumers are stoners. You are joining The Roller Circle, a community of Rollers that unite with a common mind for common good and happiness - together we can buck the stigma!


Thank You For Rolling!