Not A Stoner



Changing The Cannabis Consumption Narrative In Order To Empower Cannabis Consumers


Daily Roller® is on a mission to change the public's perception of cannabis consumers. No longer do we have to be labeled as lazy or mischievous stoners.


Daily Roller® is for the dynamically evolving and active people who enjoy cannabis but donot allow it to stop them from achieving their life's pursuit.


With a range of legal cannabis derived/inspired products, enlightening media, and authentic lifestyle accessories and apparel, Daily Roller® provides an umbrella for pro-cannabis consumers who want to proudly live their best lives.


So if you're looking for a cannabis brand that aligns with your values, give Daily Roller® products and media a try.


At Daily Roller, we know that cannabis consumption has a bad reputation, but we believe that everyone has their reasons for using it.


Whether it's for therapeutic purposes or just to add a little extra to life, cannabis consumers come from all walks of life and cultural backgrounds.


We understand that not everyone is comfortable identifying as a "stoner," which is why we're here to provide representation for those who want to enjoy cannabis as part of a sophisticated, ambitious lifestyle.


Daily Roller is all about rolling through life's challenges and achieving personal growth.


By purchasing from, you're not just buying high-quality cannabis, accessories, and lifestyle products - you're also joining a community of like-minded individuals who believe in liberty, independence, and progress. As a collective, we call ourselves The Roller Circle, and we're dedicated to breaking down the stigma around cannabis and showing that it can be a positive force in our lives.


So no matter where you come from or what your reasons are for consuming cannabis, we invite you to join Daily Roller and be part of something bigger than yourself.


Together, we will change the way the world sees cannabis and create a more inclusive, accepting culture around it.


Thank you for Rolling With Us! Smoke Responsibly