"Dabs & Glass": Takeaways from Special Guest Dank Hill (Hank Z.) Conversation Smoke Responsibly Social 07.25.23

"Dabs & Glass": Takeaways from Special Guest Dank Hill (Hank Z.) Conversation Smoke Responsibly Social 07.25.23

The Roller Circle on 22nd Aug 2023

Disclaimer: Smoke Responsibly Social is an objective community sourced responsible consumption based platform. By way of Smoke Responsibly Socials Daily Roller shares the experiences and advice of cannabis experts, professionals, and consumers. 

How: Just because we are well seasoned, or familiar, does not mean we are all knowing.

What are all the ways I can extract cannabinoids from the cannabis plant?

Like magic, you can use simple methods such as taking a curling iron's heat and your muscle power, or more sophisticated methods using flammable or nonflammable substances to pull the cannabinoids from the plant. Learn commercial methods of extracting cannabinoids from Oaksterdam University, earn a professional certificate.

Abstract Psychedelic Art: Daily Roller Roller Circle

 Keeping with the calendar of cannabis related holidays (#710) our July social featured a guided conversation on extracts and concentrates. A topic broad enough, and with the aid of our Special Guest for the month we were able to shatter the concepts into consumable proportions. Other discussion aides used include, NIH's National Institute of Drug Abuse Drugfacts: Cannabis (Marijuana) Concentrates

The news article titled "A Marijuana Producer is Under Scrutiny as Regulators Recalls 13k Vapes After Child Poisoning Incident" by Jelena Martinovic was used to help show what can happen today if we do not handle or understand the effects of cannabis concentrates and extractions properly. This story is about how mislabeling of products led to companies in Michigan losing licenses to operate, incurring fines, and even unintentionally harming a child.

These resources, our in person attendees, and Dank Hill allowed for a deeper dive into key areas concerning the consumption of concentrates and extracts. Our social took place outside upon the lawn of a private Chicago based business. Setting the mood proper we had DJ Nick C spinning a collection of tropical house vibes.

Daily Roller's aim is for each Smoke Responsibly Social to shine on its own, packed with cool tips and tricks to take home with you. These socials are like puzzle pieces within a bigger picture of giving understanding to social attendees of how our Freedom to Consume in Illinois fits in with the worldwide cannabis situation. While sharing our excitement and interest for cannabis we are gaining perspective of serious consequences elsewhere. It's like mixing fun and smarts into one awesome blend, Smoke Responsibly Social. Hopefully we can collectively (and individually) realize our privilege and that it's worth fighting to improve.

What terms do I need to be familiar with when shopping for concentrates and extracts?(not an exhaustive list)

Inside Mission Dispensary Chicago Southside, Wall of Cannabis

  • Trichomes
microscopic hair-like growth on outside of cannabis plant, is the main storehouse of cannabinoids.
  • Dabs
colloquial term for the gooey liquid like wax derived from the cannabis plant.
  • Concentrates
collection of cannabinoids or cannabinoid specific plant product.
  • Extracts
Often used interchangeably with concentrates but may refer to commercial methods of collecting cannabis plant product.
  • Solvent
a substance that dissolves another.
  • THC
  • Rig/Glass
Device used to process application of high heat to concentrate or extract allowing for inhaled consumption.

How are cannabis concentrates and extracts consumed?

Welcome to your cannabis concentrate adventure! There are several different electric and analog devices used to heat then consume cannabis concentrates. You can eat or drink by adding cannabis extracts or concentrates to your favorite food like baked goods, or drink like smoothie. Puff by adding to plant in pre-roll, or blunt, or vape pen

You can even put drops on your body or take cannabis derived oils. And guess what? Some forms of consuming cannabis extracts and concentrates are so simple you don't have to light them up or do anything special(see RSO & FSO in social community resources below!). 


July Smoke Responsibly Social featuring Dank Hill flier.

Gratefully, in July content creators Phwealthy Production & Canna Vibe Podcast pulled up to capture the conversation. Instead of our usual written recap below you will find a curation of key takeaways we would like to share with those of you that were unable to attend our in person social, or who attended but simply need a refresh on the many things we discussed in such a little amount of time. 

If you would like to watch a more complete version of the discussion please refer to the videos located above the community resource section. 

Why was Dank Hill created?

How can consuming cannabis concentrates and extracts be a better choice from other forms of consuming cannabis?

If I consume CBD concentrate will I test positive for a drug test?(see social community resources below for further reading resources on drug testing & monitoring)

What are Dank Hill's responsible consumption tips and tricks?

It: Each month, Daily Roller hosts a community event where we bring in Special Guests for Guided Conversations discussing important topics related to cannabis, such as cannabis policing, best practices for consuming legally, research, and current events. Our goal is to create a universal community-sourced framework for mindful, happy, and responsible cannabis consumption. The events are formally held under the event name Smoke Responsibly Social.

Thank you to our partners and sponsors for supporting Daily Roller’s community development efforts as they relate to Smoke Responsibly monthly discussion driven socials. Thank you to Illinois NORML for providing the Smoke Responsibly social attendees with great freebies from Illinois based cannabis companies & brands. Thank you Alexis Zimmer State Farm for hosting the social on your lawn. And of course thank you to our initial presenting sponsors Cannexus Consulting & Emerald City Coffee- Chicago.

If we missed you at the July social, join us on Monday August 28th at Midlane Esports location 2741 N Milwaukee Ave, Chicago, IL 60647  for our social with Dr. Mauricio Consalter discussing medicine and cannabis use.

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